Are you studying to become a certified public accountant? Are you thinking about taking a CPA review course? If so this article can help you tremendously. There are hundreds of CPA review courses out there. It can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Choosing a review course that meets your specific needs can determine whether you pass or fail your exam. Not all review courses are the same. They can actually differ in many ways from cost to format. Each offers a different method of teaching. Each will have different tools for you to access. I have compiled a list of the best, and worst, CPA review courses out there. I have included information about each one, both pros and cons. If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Good luck!

Becker CPA Review

The Becker CPA review course has both strengths, and weaknesses. It has been known to be inconsistent with it’s live classes, and unlike many other course there are no audio lessons. With that said it has one of the most extensive databases available. The large database offers 7,000 plus questions that do not get repeated thanks to an excellently designed study bank. All of the questions are multiple choice. There are also hundreds of simulations. In my opinion Becker is really not the best course to choose if you are one who benefits from live classes, or from hearing spoken lessons. However, they are well known and reputable with over fifty years of experience to back them up. The price is also quite high but they do offer payment plans if you can qualify for one. I’m pretty sure there are also some discount codes available as well. Becker claims that hundreds of thousands of students have passed using their course. They offer three flexible formats and 0 percent financing.

ExamMatrix CPA Review

This review course isn’t really a review course. I mean it is, but compared to most of the others it’s just not. There are so many things missing from this course that it’s hard to call it a course. For example there really is no teaching or explanation. Honestly I would call this one more of a study bank because it doesn’t offer much more than a study bank offers. There are no apps, flashcards, videos, etc. However, it’s one of the cheapest. The less you get the less you pay. This review course could work well for you if you just need a little review and not extensive study. It is one of the least expensive though so if you really need a CPA review course but have little money to work with this may be a great option for you.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Although this review course does not offer mobile apps it does offer a great learning system that is actually personalized to meet your own specific learning needs. You can access the course through your mobile device like you would a computer but you’ll have to do it through your browser. This course will help you where you need it the most, and focus less on the areas of study that you already know. If you can live without the mobile app this is a really great course. There are several learning tools available. Besides lacking the mobile app there is only one other downfall to this course. The refund policy. If you want a refund you have thirty days to request it. Only thirty days. That’s not a whole lot of time but it should be long enough to get a feel of whether or not the course will work for you. Compared to many of the other courses out there the Fast Forward Course is less expensive.

Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA review course is a more advanced course, not meant for those who are struggling or need things simplified. The course is run by Dr. Gleim who has been teaching since 1966. That’s over forty years of experience! This course is quite technical, and in depth. The Gleim CPA review course has audio lessons, simulations, tests, quizzes, reviews, books and much more. They really cover it all. Gleim actually offers more multiple choice questions than any other review course. There are over 10,000 questions available in the Gleim test bank! This is an excellent course for the fast learner, or for the student that wants to be at the top of their class. It’s a little more fast paced and advanced then most of the other CPA courses. The Gleim refund policy guarantees that you will pass, If you do not pass you will be able to request a full refund or you will be allowed to have continued access to their materials until you do pass. The complete course costs a little less than a thousand dollars in total.

Gryfin CPA Cram Course

The Gryfin cram course is not a full review course but is enough to give you the help you need. It’s comprehensive and affordable. Gryfin personalizes your studies by zoning in on weak areas and focusing less on your strong points. Gryfin offers a great pass or your money back refund policy. Their software is easy to use and up to date.

Gryfin CPA Test Bank

The Gryfin test bank is not only amazing but it’s also one of the cheapest available. Many students choose Gryfin not only for their quality lessons and materials but also because, once again, they are one of the most affordable. You can’t go wrong. With over 4,500 questions and tons of great simulations it’s definitely a winner.

Keller CPA Review

The Keller CPA exam prep course helps you to prepare for your CPA exam while also allowing you to earn you MBA. They use their own teaching methods along with the Becker CPA review course for guaranteed success. Keller realizes that students aren’t made of money and offers several different financing options to help make it more affordable.

Lambers CPA Review

The Lambers CPA review course lacks many things compared to most of the other CPA courses available. However, they have a great audio course. If you aren’t really a question and answer kind of students and prefer mainly audio learning tools then Lambers may work well for you. If you are a student who needs those tests, quizzes, flashcards, apps, etc. Lambers is probably not going to work well for you.

MDS CPA Review

In the past the MDS CPA review course wasn’t really all that great. However, they have made some excellent changes. The course has been revitalized and freshened up. It is one of the more affordable courses available. This is partially because it does not offer as much as some of the other courses do but none the less it’s now a lot better than it used to be. This course is great for students who just need a bit of help, a little brushing up, a little guidance. It is not meant for those who are struggling or falling behind.

Ninja CPA Review

The Ninja study course does not really go in depth well enough to be called a course. It’s great for those who just want to study a little extra in addition to regular classes but is not going to work well for those who need extra help or those who are struggling.

Roger CPA Review

The Roger CPA review course is another that is, in my opinion, among the best. Roger Philip has a contagious lively personality that makes learning fun. The Roger flashcards are probably the best flashcards available through any CPA review course. There are hundreds of flashcards available. Each is double sided and comprehensive. Flashcards can be used physically, or via an app. The Roger review offers a multiple choice app as well which contains thousands of questions. Audio lessons are also available for download for students who like to learn while driving, walking, etc. All material is easy to understand and thoroughly explained. Not sure you want to take the full review course? Try the Roger CPA cram course instead. The cram course is taught by Roger Philip himself, just like the review course is. You’ll get two months of online access to the cram course and eight months of access through the flash drive. Many students absolutely love the flash drive because no internet access is required to use it. The full course is not unlimited but does allow 24 months of full access. The Roger CPA review course is comparable to the Wiley CPA review course in many ways. Wiley has more tools but Roger has more personality. The Roger course is also far less expensive and even offers a payment plan of just $149 a month!

Surgent CPA Review

The Surgent CPA review course is a little different than the rest. Instead of paying up front the Surgent course offers you a three day free trial. If you sign on after those three days and then decide you don’t like it, or it isn’t what you need you can request a full refund. Also, if you take the full course and still do not pass you will get your money back. That’s how certain Surgent is that they will help you to succeed. The Surgent CPA review course is probably one of the safest to use financially speaking. There are few others that offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied, or of you fail. There are some other courses that offer a better free trial but I can’t think of many that offer a full refund if you don’t pass. You can start using Surgent today for just $49.00 when you take advantage of the Surgent payment plan. You can also save $400 by using the code Grad17.

The Surgent CPA course is designed with your success in mind. Their materials are easy to understand and broken down in simple terms. Learning is easy with Surgent. The Surgent instructor, Liz Kolar, has been a prep instructor for twenty five years. She teaches along side Jack Surgent who has over twenty years experience as a leading CPE instructor. That’s a combined total of forty five years worth of experience working together to help you pass! She really knows what she’s doing and has a gentle way of teaching that is understandable even to students who are struggling. He has a no nonsense way of teaching that is simple yet effective. The Surgent course offers videos, and an easy to use student dashboard. The dash board is unique because few other courses have a tool like it.

Wiley CPAexcel Review

If you are looking for the best of the best CPA review courses Wiley is it. With that said Wiley is also one of the most expensive. The Wiley CPAexcel review course is detailed and comprehensive. The Wiley course does not offer live classes. They do however offer thousands of multiple choice questions, unlimited use which never expires, free course updates, shorter study sections (great for busy people), quizzes, educational videos and so much more. All Wiley materials are thorough and well explained. Wiley offers a platinum review course that offers even more. The Wiley CPAexcel review course is not so much taught as it is self learned. You have the ability to guide yourself through it at your own pace while having access to all of the tools you could ever need. If you are s student that needs teaching via live lessons this may not be the right fit for you. Willey materials are really meant for the independent learner. The downside of choosing Wiley? Well, other than the price the customer service is terrible. There really is no customer service, only a message board. It can take a day or more to even get a response.

Wiley CPA Flashcards

Again, Wiley is the best of the best, and that shows in their flash cards too. Wiley’s CPA flashcards are extensive and comprehensive. They are excellent study tools. There are hundreds of flashcards designed to help you memorize everything you need to know.

Wiley CPA Test Bank

The Wiley CPA test bank is known as one of the best test banks as well. With almost 5,000 questions and answers it covers everything you could ever need to know. The Wiley test bank also offers many different simulations including the advanced DRS simulations. It is one of the most used test banks available. Wiley may be expensive but they are so worth the money.

Yaeger CPA Review

This one is by far one of the best review courses available, especially for students who seriously need extra help and support. The Yaeger CPA review course has lectures that are comprehensive. They are not as fast paced as many of the other course lectures are which means if you are really struggling but want to succeed this is the course for you. Yaeger supplies students with contact information should they need addition help or support. This is another way they differ from other courses, for the better. They respond promptly. The Yaeger CPA review uses tons of repetitive multiple choice questions as well which can really benefit those who are having trouble catching on. Repetition helps aid in memorization. If you really need help this is the course for you.

Choosing The Right CPA Review Course For You

There are many things to consider when selecting the right CPA review course for you. Is it within you budget? Is there a free trial, or a refund policy? Can you make payments? These are the first things to ask yourself. Financially speaking you don’t want to sign up for something that’s going to put you in debt. If price isn’t a problem Wiley is the way to go. If you want the quality of the Wiley program but cannot afford it Rogers CPA review course is the next best thing. If Rogers is still too expensive choose from one of the others. There are several less expensive courses listed. Do your research on the ones that interest you. Many offer great tools, flash cards, videos, etc. They may not be as in depth as the Wiley Courses are, or as the Roger CPA course is but they can still help you to pass. Accounting is by no means easy. A review course, even if a simple one, can make all the difference in the world. Remember, you can contact me with questions and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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