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Websites for sale

  • Alcohol Niche – full details here
  • Finance / Crowdfunding Niche – earning about $1100 a month (Adsense, Affiliate, Services) – can provide more data on request
  • Outdoor Niche – earning about $300 a month (Affiliate) – can provide more data on request

Domain Names for sale




In a coaching session, we can have a call via Skype or chat.

We would discuss with what you need help and create an actionable step by step plan on how to do it.


One-on-one coaching is usually $700/hour.

Until end of this year, I’m willing to drop this down from $700 to $497/hour

…in exchange for a testimonial

Anyone can start an online business. All it takes is an initial investment under $100.

But most people can’t make money online – over 95% of people fail to make money online.

The 3 main reasons are

1. You won’t last long enough

It takes a lot of time, and work to build an audience. If you are really lucky it may take you months instead of years, but every blogger who became an overnight success had years of effort behind them.

Is there a shortcut?

Yes, I took it 5 years ago – I started buying blogs and websites with already existing audience and income. Saving myself years.

2. You will fail for a scam

I don’t mean those nice people form Nigeria saying that you just won $10,000,000 dollars – to receive the money, please send $1000 processing fee.

I mean highly skilled scammers praying on the fact that you want to be rich now… or no – yesterday!

All the marketplaces selling websites are filled with scammers. And often it is not an easy task to spot them. They evolve too – quickly. Traffic exchange systems, click farms, hidden PBNs, inflated earnings etc etc

I prefer slow and steady wins rather than fast and furious ride.

If you lose $15,000 on your investment, now you have to earn $15,000 to just break even.

3. Information overload

Try to Google for
– best wordpress theme: 15.9 million results
– best hosting – 359 million results

This is the sort of searches you will do sooner or later. And you know what? After spending all day researching you will be more confused than ever.

Mostly because the companies pay big commissions to bloggers. So the best is often the one that pays the blogger the best.

And the funny part is – it often doesn’t matter whether you chose a) or b) or c). That’s not what will make you successful.

Special offer until end of this year – from $700 to $497/hour

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