ACOP (American Consumer Opinion, and also known as Decision Analyst, Inc.) has created a great deal of interest among those searching for ways to earn extra cash online. So it should be worthwhile to take a closer look to see what the talk is all about.

In this review, my goal is primarily to show you everything I learned about this company. These days, the Internet is the scammer’s favorite hunting ground. People often ask whether ACOP is yet another clever scam – short answer is NO, long answer is bellow.

If you want to join without reading further, you can sign up here


  • Allows most countries
  • Flexible work – you chose your hours
  • Respect for privacy
  • Decent payment


  • Sometimes not enough surveys
  • Slow customer support

History of ACOP

Decision analyst, Inc, the parent company of ACOP is a marketing research, and analytical consulting company with headquarters in Arlington, Texas. ACOP pays members to take online surveys for its analysis and contribution to interested marketers. This can, of course, be very useful to those who wish to promote a product on the Internet by helping them to quickly understand what works well and what does not.

This company, since its gentle beginning in the state of Texas in 1978 operated by one man alone, it, like many other humble start-ups that began on a work table set up in a dark garage, has now grown to a payroll that provides for a staff of 175 and can rightfully claim number of Fortune 500 corporations as ongoing clients.

Today, a feature that makes ACOP somewhat unique, is the concept of having an online panel. This survey panel is regularly visited by nearly ten million members who operate from over 150 different countries across our globe. ACOP also boasts membership in a respectable number of marketing organizations, including CASRO, (The Council of American Survey Research Organizations).

BBB Rating

Ranked A- by the BBB, ACOP bows to no one today and continues not only to hold its place in the survey area but to continue regular growth.


There is no cost to become a member of ACOP. Membership is free and, unlike some similar organizations, membership in ACOP is open to anyone in any part of the world. This is awesome possibility for many who reside outside the US/UK/CA/AU.

Although it would appear at first glance the ACOP might indicate a strictly American company offering only surveys in America, it is open to membership from anywhere in the world.

To begin, you need to provide standard info such as your name, address, telephone, email, all of which are followed by a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire is designed to help the panel learn basic information about you, and determine what sort of surveys are good fit.

Once you complete the survey and submit it, you will receive a letter of confirmation via email followed by a message from ACOP’s Vice President, Anne Parks.

An average survey can take anywhere between 2 and 25 minutes. You will see the length, and reward in the system before you start.

The most money is in the online focus groups. If you are selected the pay is very interesting. I once received $150 for about 20 minutes of work.


In ACOP’s website you receive points for your contribution. It is very easy to understand system making it comfortable to anyone. Each point equals one penny, and you need to have accumulated at least 1000 points, or $10 of value to be able to cash out. Obviously transferring amounts like $2 and $4 is not cost-effective.

Not all surveys earn the same. Some of the more generic surveys pay less, perhaps 50 points. A more profitable way to go would be to keep an eye open for slightly more complicated surveys, some of which are fairly long but could earn you something like 5000 points ($50).

This is what I call a good way to spend time! Spend just few minutes of minimal effort for $50 is what makes this a good gig.

However, the disadvantage is that these more desirable surveys require active participation first in the less exciting surveys which, nevertheless, will pave the way to greater chances of gaining entry into a higher stakes game.

You can also earn 50 cents for every new member you introduce to ACOP – fire up Facebook ladies and gentleman 🙂


ACOP offers a number of payment options to members. They include snail-mail checks, American Express gift cards as well as PayPal. However, it is important to remember that the minimum payout is $10.

What you can hear about ACOP online

Since this panel has been operating for over a decade now, a number of individuals have number of ideas and opinions about their experiences with ACOP.


  • The company is open to all. Anyone who registers as a member is given the opportunity to continue and, as one learns the ropes, earn more points, i.e. cash money. It is not necessary to reside in the United States or any other particular country
  • Your privacy is respected. Your information is not sold or give out to third parties and there is no pressure for the member to buy anything. Members don’t find their mailbox stuffed with constant market messages from ACOP
  • ACOP has a respectable reputation in the business world as well as with nearly all its members
  • The questionnaire presented to new applicants is very well designed thus remaining relevant only to the matter at hand.
  • The payment is overall, considered to be fair and adequate for the work involved
  • Up to 5000 points if you are invited to test a new product
  • Pay up to $250 for participation in the various focus groups
  • Panelists whose participation falls short of the normal requirements of a survey, are given chance at monthly sweepstakes of $10,000 awards


  • There is not always enough work – you will get maybe 5 invitations a month
  • Some people have claimed that ACOP deleted their account prior to their receiving their first payment
  • The customer service is slow at the best, often they don’t respond at all
  • There are reports that the panel does not always honor product testing points
  • Sometimes, the site gets shut down while in the middle of filling out a questionnaire, requiring to begin again at a later time. ACOP in said that this may be due to excessive traffic at a given moment


While American Consumer Opinion is undoubtedly a legitimately company, it does have flaws. It doesn’t pay greatly, but on the other hand, it does provide decent money for the time and effort involved.

When all is said and done, I’ll end this ACOP review with the opinion that for anyone with a little extra time in the day, it can provide some extra cash on a side, but for those looking for extra income, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for other panels as well.

To join American Consumer Opinion, you can sign up here

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