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When I see a website that is a good investment I first inform my consulting clients, if there is no interest the information is forwarded to my free newsletter. Later published here.

Are Starter Websites Worth Buy?

I often get asked about starter websites. I understand that you want to get your first website for $1000 to get some initial experience. It is wise not wanting to risk too much money at the beginning.

But it's very difficult. If you have let's say $5000 you can buy a good quality website earning $400-500 a month after some search.

But websites earning $100 a month do not sell for $1000. These sell for $2000+++

Why? Easy answer - how many people do you know who can right now take $1000 from their bank account?

Quite a bit I assume.

And how many who can take $5000, $10000 from their bank account?

Significantly less right?... and t

That's why there is such competition to get the cheaper websites. My advice is to simply save more. Anyone in the US/UK/CA/Australia and many other countries can save $5000 fairly quickly.

I used to have 3 part time jobs, working easily 80+ hours a week while eating cuscus and cheap chicken for over two years.

Just to save money and start my business. It was horrible time of my life, I was stressed, angry and hated it. But I had a plan and I can with absolute certainty say that it was worth it.

Good Examples of Websites to Buy

This was an auction on Flippa that seemed like it is not a good buy, but it is!

Especially if you are into graphic design / photoshop.

Why it may seem like not buy?

a) the traffic goes down rapidly – from 155k uniques 12 months ago to 90k now

b) the content is mostly crap – very little of full tutorials on the website. 90+ % is just a description of the tutorial with links to other websites. A lot of 404, broken links, and duplicate content.

c) low income with expenses totaling 50%

Why is it a good buy?

– 8 years of history is worth a lot

– no reason to pay so much for hosting and email service – there are better alternatives

– graphic designers need a lot of apps, tools and stuff – a lot of affiliate opportunities that the current owner isn’t taking advantage off!

amazing link profile

From Ahrefs: 74 UR / 55 DR with 3500 referring domains! From ton of big, relevant, and authoritative websites

– now can you imagine how would this link profile boost the traffic if you do full content audit and provide extensive guides and tutorials instead just using 100 words duplicate content and linking out to other websites?

– the owner doesn’t even bother to collect emails in some way that would be obvious – a lot of money left on the table

– the marketplace on a subdomain is a bad idea – it’s like starting a new website and the awesome link profile has no effect to it … just change it to would have a big impact

All in there is A LOT of upside potential, but needs work.

Bad Examples of Websites to Buy

Andrew, one of my newsletter subscribers asked me about this website. He would like to start with budget of $1500. While it is totally possible to find great websites for <$1500 it takes much more time to find one.

WorkoutFanatic is absolute waste of money and time though. If you are starting out it may seem like a good starter website, but it is not.

  • No traffic
  • No content
  • No backlinks
  • No assets

Last time I saw this auction the price was close to $200. I wouldn’t touch it even for $10.

It is just a WordPress theme with bunch of Amazon products trying to look like an eCommerce. There is maximum of 200 words description per product, and a plugin that takes you to finish the purchase on Amazon.

Buying websites should be about leveraging something that already exist and has potential. This website has nothing of it.

Buying & Selling Websites FAQ

Q: Is transfer of Adsense account possible ?

Adsense account transfer is never possible. The account is tied to your name, you get an account and then use it for all websites - it's very easy to get an account one you have a good website, approval takes 12-48 hours


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